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Dean Kasparian

Dean Kasparian

Chief Market Analyst

Dean Kasparian is one of the leading professionals experts in market analysis.  His research and work as President of AIQ Systems led to the development of the first artificial intelligence-based trading software program.  Dean has devoted over 20 years to the science and study of quantitative market analysis.  Using proprietary systems and approaches to market strategies and tactical asset allocation, he has acquired and honed a unique blend of skills.  Dean’s proven software development expertise, coupled with his experience in both trading and investing has given him a deep understanding of the financial marketplace.  Areas of specialization include technical and fundamental market analysis, trading system development tools and group / sector analysis techniques.

In 2005, Dean was recruited to PerTrac Financial Solutions (formerly Strategic Financial Solutions) as Chief Operating Officer. PerTrac is the world’s leading asset allocation and investment analysis software provider for money managers, hedge funds or family trusts.

Dean's next venture led him to OnlineAdvisors Inc., where he applied his technical and managerial knowledge to the Advisory and Management side of the business by working with a large investment manager on the west coast with $1.5 billion in assets under management.

Through these experiences, Dean has become more active on the management side, applying tactical asset allocation to money management strategies.  According to Dean, “I feel that managers should do a better job at managing risk expectations, while participating in market fluctuation”.  His broad knowledge in the areas of technical, fundamental, economic, and inter-market analysis, give him a firm foundation to base his approach to portfolio management.  Dean’s top-down approach starts with international equity, bond and commodity markets, along with economic data and inter-market analysis and then finishes in the area of subsurface style analysis.  This research allows Dean to respond quickly to changes in market trends across various styles as well as asset classes. The goal is to position assets within the most promising asset classes.

Dean has appeared frequently as a guest on many national financial television and radio programs.  He is often quoted in trade news and magazines and is a featured presenter on the national lecture circuit, speaking on market analysis and designing and testing trading systems.

An enthusiastic skier, cyclist and soccer player, you’ll find Dean, his wife and two kids spending most of their leisure time outdoors in the mountains around their home in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area.


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