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Our Process

"Working together, we finalize a plan that you believe is worthwhile."

"Working together, we finalize a plan that you believe is worthwhile."

A good plan for retirement starts with accurate information.  So, we begin by gathering information about you, such as your Social Security income and other sources of income during retirement.  We also look at all of your assets and your current spending.  We evaluate your liabilities, insurance coverage and your goals for the future.  We combine this data along with relatively conservative assumptions to get a better understanding what your financial future might look like.  Working together, we finalize a plan that you believe is worthwhile.

We single out certain big issues as well.  For example, let’s say you are about to retire and you are not sure when you should start drawing Social Security.  First, we help you understand how Social Security benefits work.  We run different scenarios, adjusting the timing of when you and your spouse might start drawing.  Considering all the information we have about you, we will help you make an informed decision on this once-in-a-lifetime decision.

Another big issue may be income for retirement.  What accounts should you draw from first? How much should you be taking out of your accounts to live on?  How do you minimize your tax burden?  

No matter what the issues are, the key is proper planning.  Running the numbers and understanding key assumptions will help you prepare for the future.  This is not a one and done situation.  You should re-visit your plan every year to 2 years.  Life tends to throw you curve balls that can often take you off course.  It is important to re-evaluate where you are and the assumptions going forward so that you still have a plan that you are comfortable with.