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What We Do

We are a comprehensive financial services firm that got its start in 2002 in Spartanburg, SC.  Since that time, our team has helped clients plan for and live in retirement.

We start out with a plan for retirement for each new client of the firm.  If clients choose us to manage their money, we use our own proprietary investment approach to help them adapt to the ever-changing market environment.  We use various investment vehicles and strategies customized to fit a client’s unique situation and designed to help them in their quest for a happy retirement

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We primarily help individuals and families who are preparing for retirement or are already retired.  For some, retirement is just around the corner, and for others it is off in the distance.

For those who are already retired, we design a plan that will help them better understand their financial future.  We review their sources of income, any potential tax reduction strategies, potential risks in their current portfolio and estate planning needs.

Some clients are also in need of planning services, such as education planning, insurance reviews, business coaching, and personal financial coaching.

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