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<strong>Steve Stravolo, CPA, PFS</strong>

Steve Stravolo, CPA, PFS



Steve Stravolo grew up in Spartanburg, SC, where he graduated from Wofford College in 1990 with a major in accounting. Then, he attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC and graduated with a Master of Accountancy. While working for the international accounting firm, Ernst & Young, Steve became a CPA in 1993.  In 1994, he and his wife Kim (also a CPA) founded the CPA firm Stravolo & Company, P.A. in Spartanburg, SC.  They owned and operated their CPA firm for 16 years.

In 2002, Steve founded Stravolo Wealth Management to provide the clients of his CPA firm access to comprehensive planning for retirement and direction with their investment accounts.  In 2010, Steve sold the CPA firm so that he could focus 100% of his time on his wealth management clients.  Steve’s responsibilities include overseeing the investment function of the firm along with providing clients with a plan for retirement.  He meets with clients periodically to update their plan, discuss their goals and expectations and review performance of their investments. 

<strong>William Granger</strong>

William Granger

Investment Advisor


William joined Stravolo Wealth Management in June 2014. He graduated from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, with a B.A. in Finance that same year. During his time at Wofford, William spent semester in London studying Business and Financial courses, such as International Business Environment and Derivatives, Trading, and Hedging. During his time abroad, William traveled throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

At Stravolo Wealth Management, William can be found making trades, managing client accounts, and talking with clients about the market. William loves researching securities and doing analysis on the portfolios and holdings for clients. William is the person to talk to with questions about the market and holdings.

In his spare time, William has a passion for cars and the outdoors. Don’t be surprised when he asks you what you drive. If he isn’t driving, he can be found fishing and hunting around the country.

<strong>Kathryn Premraj</strong>

Kathryn Premraj

Client Services Associate


Kathryn began her career as an elementary and middle school art teacher, licensed in Iowa and Indiana.  After several years in the teaching field, she moved to South Carolina in 2014 for her husband’s new business venture.  Since arriving in Spartanburg, she has had two amazing children, has adapted to saying “y’all” smoothly in conversation, and enjoys the mild winters in the Upstate. 

Kathryn is pursuing a career in personal financial planning with the team at Stravolo Wealth Management and is working to obtain various professional designations.  Kathryn loves simple pleasures like thunderstorms viewed from a cozy place indoors, a good book, a camping trip, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, lines in freshly vacuumed carpet, painting, reaching daily project goals, and best of all – the new and hilarious things that her kids say every single day.  

Kayla Cromer

Kayla Cromer

Client Services Associate


Kayla Cromer is a native to Spartanburg, South Carolina. A few years after graduating from Converse College with a degree in Studio Art, she worked as an Art Instructor for Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate. However, she desired a change in her career path, and in late March of 2021, she joined Stravolo Wealth Management.

Her cheerful and sunny disposition is certainly an addition to the team as she works to fulfill her various roles. She enjoys greeting clients and doing what she can to help them. 

Kayla has always been intrigued by the complexity of the human form especially, when it comes to portraiture. In her spare time, she creates detailed portraits both in digital format and traditional mediums such as oil paint. She also delights in learning multiple languages, and she's always on the hunt for a new coffee shop.

<strong>Dean Kasparian</strong>

Dean Kasparian

Chief Market Analyst 

Dean Kasparian is one of the leading professionals experts in market analysis.  His research and work as President of AIQ Systems led to the development of the first artificial intelligence-based trading software program.  Dean has devoted over 20 years to the science and study of quantitative market analysis.  Using proprietary systems and approaches to market strategies and tactical asset allocation, he has acquired and honed a unique blend of skills.  Dean’s proven software development expertise, coupled with his experience in both trading and investing has given him a deep understanding of the financial marketplace.  Areas of specialization include technical and fundamental market analysis, trading system development tools and group / sector analysis techniques.

*Dean Kasparian is not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Any information provided by Dean is in no way related to Cetera Advisor Networks LLC or its registered representatives.