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People in this stage are usually 50 or older. They have the means and time to focus on a serious plan for retirement. At this stage, people are on the backstretch to retirement. 

At this point, your career is on track and accelerating. You are really having an impact and contributing to your organization and your community. You are paying down your mortgage or perhaps have already paid it off.

I do not have a comprehensive plan for retirement. How do I get started?

  • You need to pull all of your financial information together. Contact us and we’ll send you a list of items needed for a comprehensive plan. Once we have all of your information, we can get started on your plan. However, your involvement in the process is crucial!

How do I know if I’m taking an appropriate amount of risk with my investments?

  • You need to understand the amount of risk exposure you are currently taking and if it is appropriate based on your risk tolerance. We use a popular tool, called Riskalyze, to assess the risk our clients are comfortable with and the risk they are currently taking. Click here to learn more about Riskalyze and discover your risk score.

How do I know that my identity is protected?

  • If you have not already done so, put measures into place that can help protect your identity. Your bank accounts and credit cards should allow you to receive alerts on transactions above a certain dollar amount, along with other similar alerts.
  • Services, such as LifeLock, can also help protect your identity by alerting you if there is an inquiry about your credit along with other safeguards. In this digital age, it is never a bad idea to go the extra mile to protect your assets and your hard-earned credit.